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FREE Frequency Alignment Recordings

Utilise Stella's energising Divine-aligned audio tracks inspired by Source.

This God-Space Daily Booster audio track has no music, with only softly-spoken words along the way. It is not about the sound heard but is more of the frequency you feel as it resonates and gently aligns your being to Divine Source and gives you a recalibration boost for the day. Enjoy!


Divine Source Daily Booster

Start each day immersed in loving Divine Source frequency. It takes only a few minutes to align your being with Source frequency - a bright bulb of divine goodness I like to call 'God-Space' or 'God-Space Bulb'. In essence, this Divine booster recalibrates the areas within you that are not vibrationally syncing with Source. Resonating with Source has several benefits: 

  • Become more attuned to Divine Source frequency

  • Opens up your awareness of your Soul Self

  • Supports your physical well-being

  • Cleanses lower energies and brightens up your being

  • Creates a protective buffer of Divine resonance around you


Getting in touch with Divine Source is the best way to strengthen your inner compass - which will guide you through life in the best way possible. This is where your soul, intuition and mission resonate and is vital that you gain access to thrive joyfully in this world. 

You can download and you share (but keep it unedited as is and do credit the track to Make sure you also subscribe to my newsletter to get more free recordings and updates on the latest offers and other noteworthy info. 


  • This energy is only of love, so it can only be used for good.

  • Please do not listen to this recording while driving, or carrying out any activities that require vital concentration and awareness of your surroundings. You might feel sleepy, so it is best to listen in a safe environment. I recommend just lying down or sitting and closing your eyes to relax and feel the divine immersive energies rebalance and recharge you.

  • Allow this Divine elixir to heal any aches and pains, open your heart space and expand your mind to align more with Source. In a state of gratitude, allow your God-Space bubble buffer you with positive, loving vibe.

  • Listen once daily, or twice if you wish - for at least 7 days or more to see positive effects.


I would love to hear how you feel after using the Divine Source Daily Booster. I'm so happy to gift this to you!

Love, Stella.

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