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FITT Pre-Sale Extended

Hi everybody! Just letting you know that my FITT program will be launching on the 27th March 2022 - fingers crossed! Although initially it was the 20th, I wanted to refine my content and a few other things before I send it out into the world. I'm so happy to be offering this simple and powerful spiritual training exercise to all of you beautiful souls!

I think spiritual or Divine energetic work is sooo important particularly right now, where our world is going through so much upheaval. We really need to practice being connected and internally balanced - so we can effectively hold the light and love as much as we consciously can. This Divine radiance can support the people, flora, fauna and spaces around us in a high vibe way. It can transmute darkness to light.

Please continue to anchor the vision of a harmonious, loving world where we honour, value and have loving empathy for all. The current global set up is breaking down, so let's put in its place the Divine vibration we wish to be immersed in and all the fabulous manifestations that come with Source frequency. Let Love Reign!



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