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Up or Down?

In the world of energy-healing, it's all about the frequency. Is that part of the body, the issue or the overall resonance bright or dull? Is it positive or negative? Is it a high or low vibration?

Emotions as we know can be painful ones or it can be sheer joy. You can guess that the unhappy ones will have a lower type of frequency than the happier ones. Divine Source in the spiritual world is seen as the highest and purest vibration that holds the quality of perfection. So when we are sending healing energy to an issue, we are in fact raising that issue's vibration high enough to align with Source and be thus healed back to optimal functionality.

That is why energy-healing so useful and transformative when we use it in our lives. As a simple example, just think of something that is sad and then switch to thinking of something really happy - you can feel the shift of energy from a heavy feeling to a lightened one. Energy-healing goes deeper into this art of frequency raising.

Reiki is a very useful basic energy-healing modality that helps you quickly feel or sense these differences of vibration, so you can send loving Reiki energy to realign those areas. That is why after over 10 years I still teach this classic course. It is so easy to master. You can join my upcoming Reiki class on the 12th September 2021. And if you want to dive deeper into energy-healing and especially aligning strongly with Source, you can join my Active Alignment Program in October 2021.

Spirituality, self-awareness, personal responsibility and energy-sensing all go hand-in-hand perfectly and really benefits our lives in terms of healing support and being a strong navigating tool through challenging times. Join me if you feel like elevating your frequency and learning a new healing tool that can improve your life in many ways.

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