Active Divine Alignment

Advanced Mentoring Program (AMP)
Exclusive Energetic Alignment Support by Stella

Become More Empowered

Fill up your life with more joy than ever before.

I'll help you boost up on healing, clear energetic clutter

and align to your inner Soul compass for higher guidance.

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When you're balanced on the inside, you attract amazing experiences on the outside. Learn to flow with the abundance of the Divine universe.

Stella Inspired

'Let's go on an amazing journey of inner awakening and rebalancing.'  Stella.

flying above the 'noise'

We all get caught up in what's happening around us - triggered by stuff all the time. We often say. 'I just need to get on top of things'; 'I need some peace'; 'I can't think straight'; 'I feel I'm on an emotional roller-coaster'; 'Why does this keep happening to me?; 'I don't know what to do.'..and so on. These are signs that you are out of balance and it can lead you to make decisions that are not for your highest good.


When we are overwhelmed and negatively affected by our outer world, we need a place where we can recenter ourselves so we can handle our daily responsibilities and move towards goals that we want to achieve. The only real sanctuary is our inner God-Space. In this Program, I will help you access this spiritual space to initiate the healing energies for rejuvenation, removing energetic blocks affecting your life and receving clearer intuitive answers from above. You will be guided to strengthen the connection with Divine Source's love frequency of the highest order - so you can continually feel the comforting presence and support of this highly-charged energetic field of infinite consciousness.

Being in touch with your Soul self is extremely important if you are the type of person that is highly affected by your environment and find life a confusing, stressful journey. The Active Divine Alignment Advanced Mentoring Program will get you in touch with your inner compass so you can navigate your way intuitively through life and as a result bring in more experiences of joy, clarity, harmony and loving synchronicities. Start mastering being anchored in Divinity within yourself regardless of the chaos around you.

Working with Stella...

"I thank her for all the time she has spent on me - coaching me and bringing me to light, wisdom, empowerment and enlightenment."

KT, Penang

"After three weeks of practising, one thing I am very sure of is that I have better concentration at work. I like the healing methods and sometimes find myself so immersed in it."

MC, Penang

"I do like the multi-projection exercise as it helps to clear the future blockages which I think is very important to manifest successfully. After daily energywork, my base chakra, sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra have come back to positive balance."

Sharon, Malaysia

"After completion my body feels lighter, the muscles are more relaxed and my heart chakra feels open and a lot at ease. I am contented and ready to move forward in life now."

Sutha, Malaysia

Stella works 1-on-1 with you to help you dip into the rebalancing reservoir of your Soul aspect.
Your package includes...

Vibe Cleansing Sessions

4 Online Live Session Healings

Use the 1-on-1 target sessions (45 mins each) to clear blocks and align to your higher path.



2 Online Live Alignment Training

Learn how to connect to your spiritual compass and become an empowered Soul-led human being.

Signature Bulb


1 Personal Energy Tune Up Audio

Receive a God-Space frequency recording by Stella to assistin your  unique vibratory evolution.

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