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Reiki Classes

by Stella

Heal Naturally

Simple and essential technique to self-healing...

Get attuned to the classic and comforting energy of Reiki, the universal love frequency that is gentle yet effective. Most of all, it is so easy to learn and apply. Attunements for these levels are carried out by Reiki Masters and is a simple process of consciously connecting you to the pure healing energies of Divinity. Perfect for beginners. Stella teaches all 3 levels:


Course Fees:

Practitioner Levels 1 & 2 (Combined) 

  • RM 888 or USD 200 In-Person Class (Penang, Malaysia)

  • RM 788 or USD 180 Online Live Class

Mastership Level 3

  • RM 888 or USD 200 In-Person Class (Penang, Malaysia)

  • RM 788 or USD 180 Online Live Class


This ancient energy healing method, originating from Japan, and discovered by Mikao Usui, has been seen to help countless people around the globe in facilitating healing in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. Although it is an alternative healing modality, its longevity seems to suggest its effectiveness. Try for yourself!

Reiki, the healing energy from the universe



Stella carries out classes and the attunements to Reiki energy via our internet portal. Since Reiki can be transferred through space & time, online classes are an option. It is especially advantageous for those that are not able to physically attend regular classes due to time, cost and distance restraints. No travelling is needed.


Reiki Group Class ONLINE Level 1 & 2

Manual Provided

4 hrs (approx)


Course outline:

  • Introductions

  • Reiki Level 1 & 2 theory

  • Reiki Level 1& 2 attunement

  • Reiki level 1 & 2 practice

  • Q&A


Certification will be emailed after the 21-day Reiki Healing assignment.

Reiki Group Class ONLINE Mastership Level

Manual Provided

4 hrs (approx)


Course outline:

  • Introductions

  • Reiki Mastership theory

  • Reiki Mastership attunement

  • Reiki Mastership attunement practice

  • Reiki Mastership healing tool 'ROM' meditation attunement

  • Reiki Mastership meditation

  • Q&A


Certification will be emailed after the 21-day Reiki Healing assignment.

As a BONUS, you will also receive Stella's ROM Healing Tool (Reiki Master Level) Certification.

Become a Reiki Practitioner or Master in the comfort of your own home!



What is Reiki?
Reiki is a non-religious healing method that uses loving universal energy to help reduce physical pain, emotional effects and mental anguish. It can also be used to enhance further spiritual development. Reiki energy flows through you out through the hands during healing. Your own energy is not used. Reiki is gentle and non-invasive. Physical contact is not necessary, although some minimal hands-on contact could be used with permission. It is a gentle and calming divine energy which helps in relaxation and re-balancing of the self. Originating from Japan, Reiki has been around since the 1900s, is widely known and is a popular spiritual healing method.

What’s involved?
Reiki has an extensive lineage and has been carried down from person to person through the process of attunements. Your Reiki master will attune you individually for each Reiki level in order for you to receive clear and direct access to Reiki energy. Only then will you be able to use Reiki energy for your own healing and to assist in sending Reiki energy to others. There will be 2 attunements, one for Level 1 and one more for Level 2. Mastership level has 1 attunement.


In Levels 1 & 2, you will learn the history of Reiki, its principles, uses, healing methods, Reiki symbols, distant healing techniques, manifesting methods for abundance, the practice and healing methods of others and some non-traditional Reiki techniques. You will gain sufficient knowledge to be able to use Reiki in an effective manner and for a whole variety of scenarios.


Mastership Level is taken after you have been attuned to Practitioner Levels 1 & 2. Best for those that are passionate about Reiki and are full-time users of this energy. Mastership Level 3 enables you to teach and attune others - so you will have an added responsibility to use, share and teach Reiki with love, care and integrity.

Will there be any side effects if I use Reiki?
Initially, you might experience some detoxification as you bring up and release ‘toxins’ to the surface as you carry out healing. But it will subside after a few days (depending on how much you need to detox). But in general, Reiki has no known negative side effects and only serves to help remove all negative elements from your being. It is pure love energy, so only positive energy is being given through Reiki to you. Reiki is commonly used on cancer patients in some hospitals to help bring relief of pain and to speed up recovery time. For your info, Reiki practitioners are not allowed to diagnose or prescribe treatments for medical conditions. If you have or suspect a medical condition, please see a qualified medical doctor immediately. Although Reiki can be very effective, however, Reiki practitioners cannot guarantee results.


Effects of Reiki

Various beneficial effects have been reported, for example:

  • Feeling immediately more calm and relaxed

  • More easy-going and less easily stressed

  • Body pain in various areas is reduced or eliminated

  • Illnesses were healed faster

  • When used on children, the children became more relaxed and focussed

  • When used on plants, the plants became healthier & resilient

  • When used on animals, the animals recovered from illness not long after

  • When sending distance Reiki to others, the beneficial effects were just as effective

  • Feeling a 'new' person after the attunement

  • 21-day cleansing created a detoxing from various negative emotional layers

Although each result with Reiki might differ, overall, from my feedback and experience, I have observed that Reiki does have various beneficial effects that strongly suggest that the healing that takes place is more than just luck or coincidence.

Your Reiki Master Teacher

Stella's students, comprising of Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Masters, span the globe from countries like Ireland, Romania, Mauritius, Canada, South America, and Singapore to Malaysia.

Stella has been practising and teaching REIKI, as well as other energy healing tools, since 2006. She has explored healing modalities such as sacred sound, Lightbody activation, chi kung, and other meditative methods. Her workshops are relaxed, fun, and straightforward - while giving you all the necessary tools to start you on your way to self-healing.


Some Common Questions...

Reiki Distance Attunements

Does Reiki work from a distance? Sure.
Since Reiki can travel, connect and work through space and time, therefore distance attunements are effective. I do understand the growing need for faster and cheaper ways to gain access to healing energies, and so many will opt to be attuned to Reiki via online distance attunements. The distance attunements eliminate the need to take time out of your busy schedule to attend such classes and in paying the sometimes more costly in-person fees.

I can't seem to feel Reiki energy on my hands! Is there something wrong with me?

There are 2 instances when you cannot seem to feel Reiki:


1. You have never felt Reiki, even after the attunement.

There is a percentage of people that will not feel or hardly feel any sensations on their hands even after being attuned to Reiki. Rest assured, this is ok, as Reiki is still flowing through you regardless of whether you 'feel' it or not. Sometimes it takes a longer time before you feel it. Some people are not naturally sensitive to energy. If you have this issue, you can still see the effectiveness of Reiki through the resultant effects of the healing on yourself or the recipient. And that is perhaps more important. Trust that Reiki is still working through you.


2. The sensations of Reiki have disappeared or are hard to feel on your hands, unlike the strong sensations in the past. This symptom of "no feeling" is also normal. We have all experienced this before in different ways. Even me.

Of course, you are still fully connected to Reiki energy and perfectly able to channel Reiki, even if you are not feeling it right now. Sometimes we tend to put pressure on ourselves to "perform", meaning we MUST feel Reiki or else there is something wrong. This is not the case. What happens sometimes is that we are trying too hard to channel Reiki in a certain way, and by forcing an expectation, we actually block the experience by being stressed in our bodies and our minds. The solution is to slow down and release all expectations of how we should be feeling Reiki each time we channel it. Some days our sensitivity is low, and some days, we are highly sensitive. Our body is organic, and so it also goes through transitional periods. So let the experience with Reiki advance and change in its own way.

You can, of course, take a break for a short time and come back when you are ready and positive again. Be gentle with yourself, and allow Reiki to show itself as you use it. The more you channel, the more sensitive you become. Each time you channel Reiki, make a point to relax completely and just KNOW the healing energy is pouring through. RELAX, RELAX, RELAX. Once your body and mind are fully relaxed and filled with trust that Reiki is flowing through, the feeling will return by itself. I also recommend you practice re-attuning yourself too if you are a Master or go get a Reiki Booster session. This often also increases the feeling again.

There is also one more reason why you can't feel it right now. If you have been heavily using Reiki, your body might have now become used to the vibration of this energy, and so you nullify the feeling as your body has already been attuned to that vibration. You can only feel a vibration if it is of a different vibration from yourself. But as you continue using Reiki, your vibration will again start to ascend, and you will start to feel a higher vibration after you transit through this plateau. Keep using Reiki. It's always there, regardless of any physical sensations you think you 'should' feel.

Number of Attunements & Choosing Reiki Masters

I do get asked this question often, especially when new students have read or attended other Reiki talks. Just remember there are many ways of teaching and doing attunement sessions because each teacher has been attuned by different generations of other Masters and can vary. But in the end, all achieve the same results.

Every level has an attunement session. That is, Level 1 has one, Level  2 has another one, and Master Level has one more. Other websites/courses/Reiki Masters may describe the sequences within the attunements themselves or are splitting them up into more than 3 attunement sessions. There is no difference in the end in how they are stretched out into many sessions or compressed into one longer session. Regardless of which version, the elements within the attunements are still present. Different teachers use different variations, descriptions, etc. but all achieve the same effect and outcome. Even as a course, some have a 4-level structure from Level 1 to Mastership, while mine, for example, has 3 levels. It is all the same in essence. As Reiki Masters, we will usually attune our students to how we were taught and attuned.

What is vitally more important is in choosing the Reiki Master that resonates harmoniously with you. Choose a teacher that you feel positively drawn to, one that feels right for you.

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