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the spiritual workout

Flex your Soul muscles. Get aligned to joy and fulfillment.


SIGN UP for Frequency-In-Tune Training by StellaInspired ('FITTSI')


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"Tap into your spiritual side to build resilience in this world. I'll show you how to match your energy with Divinity's to harness more joy, intuition and healing. Let's get soul-empowered and resonate above the chaos!"
Stella, FITTSI creator

Stella's FITTSI program is the starting point for getting acquainted with your soul aspect and connecting to Divinity - the highest form of love energy. The more you align, the better you can navigate this world with ease. This basic level course is fun and will get you supercharged! Use the tools in FITTSI as a daily go-to when you need to find inner balance and receive the steady guidance and healing from Source.

Live FITTSI Class
Penang, Malaysia

Online FITTSI Class
Via Zoom Portal


Class Duration: 4 hours (approx)

Includes: FITTSI Guidebook (pdf) and FITTSI Audio Activations by Stella (mp3)


  • Connect and align with pure loving Divine Source and activate God-Space anytime.

  • Tune up and rebalance your personal frequency to buffer from lower and chaotic energies.

  • Flow with life by connecting with your inner compass for ultimate guidance.


Divine Source Activated Recordings for Alignment Process
Guided by Stella, her unique energetic recordings contain highly-charged activated God-Space (pure Divine love frequency) so you can maximise your experience and connection to Source – beneficial for beginners or those that need that extra boost of support to help you along your way to align and realign.

Why take the course?

 Aligning to Source is everything

When Divinity is strongly activated within you, you feel supported and not alone.

You have the best inner compass that can smoothen your journey in life. Being 'Frequency-In-Tune' offers solutions, inspiration, and transmutational effect. You are made up of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. These aspects all vibrate together to keep you optimally vibrant. So, it is beneficial too. We are, in the simplest form, vibration, and so is the universe and God-Space. Your life force comes from above, your soul is the portal. Living a soul-led life is the ultimate form of fulfilment and offers endless evolution.

I've been in the field of energy healing and spiritual exploration for close to two decades - where it allowed me to experience how Divine love frequency feels within the body. Frequency is a key to healing and much more. It is my desire that FITTSI is your diving board into building a strong connective relationship with Divinity.


All sales are final and non-refundable due to the nature of the product (unless the course is not received in full as mentioned). No refunds if you are unable to follow the course or attend included events. Please ensure you have the proper equipment to receive and play our recordings, attend online events and read our materials. We are not responsible or liable for any technical issues originating from your side. We also cannot medically diagnose, prescribe or guarantee results as we are not legally or medically qualified to do so. We reserve the right to change or alter the contents of the products as we see fit. Please purchase and use this product and any other products by and related sources fully at your own risk. Purchasing this product means you fully agree to the terms and conditions described above and on our dedicated page:
PLEASE READ the full info on Terms, Disclaimers & Privacy.


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