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Stella's Story

I've always connected to Source. As a child, I always sought answers from deep within my heart, my inner self. I said my prayers nightly, and if I felt unsafe, I would call the heavens above to be my bodyguard. I grew up not understanding what all the fuss was about as people around me were immersed in life. I felt more of an observer, yet I loved music, singing and dancing, which in particular resonated with me. The melodious harmonies were invigorating to me. It was all about the flow and rhythm of vibration!

My spirituality grew, and by 2008, I was sensing and physically feeling the higher Divine vibrations of love and infinite bliss frequently. So strong that I often had to counter the ungroundedness I felt with food and exercise. The intensity of the highly-charged love frequency I had received really imprinted into me how Divine love really felt, and with that, I started sharing my knowledge and the importance of Divine connection. I have written and taught what I know, and am currently including my new knowledge in my upcoming book. Please check out my various God-Space tools, Active Alignment Program and other offerings and do subscribe to my newsletter for new energetic and informational updates. If you want a quick energetic boost and recalibration, go to the Divine Source Daily Booster page - which will help strengthen your alignment with Source.

It is so important to become awakened to your Soul aspect, for it will be your best navigator, therapist, and source of infinite love and knowledge. I just love helping others to see the beauty within. If you need assistance in this, do connect with me!


Many blessings to you!


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