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Recorded Sessions



Signature recording sessions for daily use.

Unique Signature

Personalised Recorded Session by Stella


  • Includes the All-Encompassing Recording

Stella offers specially-tailored individualised audio recordings of God-Space to assist you in strengthening your inner Divine alignment with Source and to also support the manifestation of goals. Email Stella on your specific needs and she will record a special energy healing session to target your unique issues at hand. Play it daily to heal and align to Divine Source frequency to bring about positive change in your life. (Duration will vary for each person)



Reset & Rise

God-Space Bulb All-Encompassing for Divine Alignment

Play this recording frequently to deeply anchor in and align to Source. This session offers a strong infusion of Divine frequency that will support overall health and vitality, Unblock lower energies within your being and open your new, radiant Divine self up to higher abundance including love, joy and blissful experiences.


When you align with Divine Source frequency...

When you are enveloped in the activated space of Divinity or in the cocoon of a 'God-Space Bulb'. Your being will become entrained to synch harmoniously with this pure original Source resonance. The ingredients of this sacred space contain the highest form of love, light and wisdom. It will support your spiritual awakening, healing and rebalancing in the highest and the best way possible for you and will not interfere with your free will, which includes those that are in the vicinity of these high energies. Benefits include:

  • Becoming more attuned to Divine Source frequency

  • Opening up your awareness of your Soul Self

  • Giving healing support for your physical well-being

  • Cleansing lower energies and brightening up your being

  • Creating a protective buffer of Divine resonance around you


The stronger your Divine connection and awareness, the better your intuition. This inner compass, which is directly connected to your Soul goals and Divine Source, is the crucial key guidance system to take you on the best path to ultimate joy and realising your soul mission.


PLEASE NOTE, when you play these recordings:


  • This energy is only of love, so it can only be used for good.

  • Do not listen while driving, or carrying out any activities that require vital concentration and awareness of your surroundings. You might feel sleepy, so it is best to listen in a safe environment. I recommend just lying down or sitting and closing your eyes to relax and feel the divine immersive energies rebalance and recharge you.

  • Allow this Divine elixir to heal any aches and pains, open your heart space and expand your mind to align more with Source. In a state of gratitude, allow your God-Space bubble in and around you to buffer you with positive, loving vibes.

  • Listen once daily, or twice if you wish - for at least 7 days or more to see positive effects.

  • If you feel overwhelmed by the Divine energies, stop use or only play it on alternative days or longer intervals. Everyone is different, so adjust according to your own pace. Detoxing is not usually severe or even happens, but best to use this powerful tool respectfully and utilise these recordings at the intensity and speed that is most comfortable for you.

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