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Inner Exploration Takes Guts!

Divine Alignment:

The Key to Authentic Empowerment


Our Soul, which is your Divine portal, holds the key to fulfilment. By strongly identifying with your inner connection with Divinity, you gain an extraordinary personal compass of infinite love that will help guide you in the direction of your life mission.


For the longest time, I wondered what my role in this world would be. My natural passion to find meaning, I found that I had a strong and increasing connection to Divine Source. From 2008 to 2009, I experienced a phase in my life that filled me with strong torrents of Love energy from above, which I had never felt before. It gave me the key frequency and physical feeling of knowing what Divine Source love frequency truly felt and 'sounded' like as it anchored within my body. (Catch more of the story HERE) This awareness of GOD-SPACE has been a 'go-to' in challenging times, and has become a source of healing for myself - and now for others too.

Without being centred and aware of your higher connection, your Ego will take over and run the risk of creating a life out of balance. The Soul's job is to take the lead in your life and allow the Ego to support that higher mission with loving integrity. The balanced and healthy aligned relationship of the DIVINE-SOUL-EGO will offer you wisdom, bliss, resilience, healing and empowerment. This soul-led living helps create the experience from the perspective from your personal DIVINE EGO aspect. I term it as one's 'Soul-Enlightened Ego Resonance' (S.E.E.R.). The Divine Ego Evolution has become more evident in these past few years, and I will be bringing forth inspired wisdom in various forms this year and beyond. So, please subscribe to my site so I may send you new information when I receive them.


I am here to support your process of Divine alignment.

'SEER, an Awakening of the Divine Ego'
Release date TBC

Divine Ego (SEER)

Stella's Support Offerings

Choose from Stella's spiritual toolbox of specially-recorded sessions, training courses, mentorship program and unique freebies that most resonate with you to divinely align, anchor and accelerate your journey.

"Awaken to the truth of who you are - a unique, shining gem of Divinity. Let the highest source of Love & Light be expressed through you."

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