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Stella's All-Encompassing Bulb helps you to deeply anchor in and align to Source, This strong infusion of Divine frequency will reach into your cellular levels and beyond for natural healing processes to occur. Allow it to cleanse way lower energies stuck in the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic spaces.

This Source radiance also supports you in attracting Divine-aligned love from all areas of your life. And, as you immerse in God-Space, bring your desires into reality by co-creating with Divinity. Allow Divinity to strengthen your inner Soul compass to move towards greater happiness.


Play this audio recording of Divine resonance daily for maximum Source alignment - buffering you in a bright bulb of love and light of the highest order to support optimal balance and experience infinite bliss.

God Space Bulb All-Encompassing 1

SKU: GS Bulb AE 1
  • File Type: Audio .wav file

    Duration: 20 minutes 12 secs

    Description: 'Silent' session with some ambient sounds in the background.

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